MatchMe Founder Rebecca Cooper Interviewed by Theresa Longo: The Business of MatchMaking!

What is it like to use a professional matchmaking service? For some people, using a customized service makes sense.  Since 2009 , Rebecca Cooper and her Match Me team offer matchmaking services to singles who are in a positive place in their lives and are ready to look for the perfect ‘someone new’. Over the years MatchMe has become more creative and resourceful when looking for matches for clients. This includes a recent expansion in Ontario.

Theresa Longo interviews Professional Match Maker and founder of MatchMePeterborough.Com Rebecca Cooper about the business of matchmaking:

TL-  What is behind the success of Match Me Peterborough?
RC-  We have a real Passion and Fire for life!!!! We also LOVE what we do (matchmaking)so it isn’t hard to be good at something that brings us great joy. We work with fabulous singles; assisting them to meet their match and also having the clients take a good look on the inside and outside of who they are. We have a team of Love Gurus always looking for more singles to match with our clients, also a life coach and image consultant on board to assist singles on this exciting journey!

TL- How has Match Me Peterborough changed since 2009?
RC- We have expanded our matchmaking services into TORONTO and the GTA with, also servicing singles in London, Kingston and Ottawa! HOW FUN!

TL- What is the number 1 reason people enlist your help?
RC- First things first, We listen to our clients!
Often life can feel far too busy – we sign on singles that appreciate hiring us as “their assistant” in meeting a special someone. Takes one thing off their own list of things to do!

TL- Do you provide coaching?
RC- Definitely, our matchmakers are always working with clients and providing date coaching along the way. We also really believe in life coaching and working with an image consultant so we suggest our clients take advantage of the complimentary sessions that come with their membership.

TL-  I notice you do have a lot of success stories.
RC- We have had a number of marriages, engagements and long term commitments! We have even had some of our clients do interviews and testimonials with us on our CHEX TV Spread the Love segments! The fact that some of our clients have been willing to put themselves on TV/ Radio/Newspaper to promote our services speaks highly of our reputation.

TL-Tell us about the Meet & Greets:
RC-We have been hosting meet & greets for over 3 years now and they’ve been a great way for singles to meet a roomful of singles, however the crowd differs from our matchmaking service and events service.

We are currently working on a singles event with another matchmaking service in Toronto and are looking at some Yorkville locations.

TL-What are the critical steps one must take to truly be open to finding love?
RC- It’s important to have an open heart and mind towards a new opportunity. Often people jump from one relationship to their next without having grieved their past relationship(s), there is only harm to come without first healing your heart and mind. I always suggest people reflect on their past relationships looking for issues, problems, and situations they may have been in and think of tools on how to avoid these when looking ahead. It’s also important to determine what your top 5 important characteristics are in your next partner, be prepared!

TL- Is attendance at events a requirement of the Match Me service?
RC- Since expanding the Match Me services into Toronto and the GTA we have spent far less time on events. The matchmaking business has really taken off and to be honest more people prefer it because its a confidential and discreet service and would rather have our love guru’s searching for them privately.
TL- Wow! It is great to know you offer such personalized service; especially for busy young clientele.

TL- Give us your best two tips for impressing someone you really like!
RC- If you want to impress someone best thing to do is approach them and show your interest in them! That takes a whole lot of confidence, but the results from your actions can change your future! Also, be kind but realistic about your look. Often people don’t consider how they are projecting themselves to the world and its important to take a good look at your appearance. Updating your look is a great way to get noticed and also learn who the new you is. No matter what people say…… Physical appearance and attraction is important in a relationship.

TL- Where do you see Match Me in 5 years?
RC- I see Match Me as a really powerfully branded matchmaking and dating service, one that can cater to singles all over Canada. I know I can’t do it all, but allowing others with a similar drive for success and passion for people to be apart in Match Me’s growth is a tool I will need to seriously consider. The idea of franchising is quite appealing however its all about meeting the right people who can create success for singles like I have. I really enjoy creating and building businesses and look forward to taking Match Me to the next level.

TL- What’s coming up in the immediate future for Match Me?
RC- Match Me is the newest and most exciting matchmaking venture for the Match Me brand. I am also working at creating a more comfortable approach to matchmaking where singles feel less intimidated by the process, gaining some more exposure on TV, guest writing for more blogs and of course putting more singles together in hopes of them finding more love and happiness in their lives.

TL- Thank you for answering these questions Rebecca!  I recommend your services because I know you to be a trustworthy, genuine, hardworking woman! I have seen all your business endeavours do well! Much continued success Rebecca.

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