Recently I had an absolutely transformative experience upon returning to North America from Central America…

I met with renowned Shaman and energetic enthusiast Joe Eigo, master healer blessed by John of God.
Joe’s modalities include energy healing, personal empowerment coaching, public speaking, and aerial vortex gymnastic training.
His fascinating gifts include the ability to heal and transfer energy through the use of his 144 Vogel Phi Crystals (which are healing tools of the highest order). With these tools, Joe is able to reverse the effects of geo engineering, and balance chakras (as well as many other incredible energetic feats).
Joe is trained in negative entity removal, clearing Karma, and teaching others to work with these awe inspiring magical tools.
Thanks to Joe, I am now the proud owner of a 144 sided Vogel Cut Crystal….


 See Joe’s list of phenomenal services and shamanic practices here.

Through his practices, Joe taps into infinite strength; After witnessing Joe clear the cloudy winter sky to allow a pocket of energizing sunshine to shine upon us in the very place we were sitting … I was totally amazed.
After our healing session together where Joe focused on clearing my chakras, I felt more clear, energized, enlightened, and happy. (I am already VERY happy, but after the session with Joe I felt truly euphoric). Joe is encouraging of those who want to learn to use the crystals, and provided me with additional tips to protect my aura from negative energy.  I am now honing my ability to manifest and manipulate reality in real time. As I learn to play with energy I have become highly conscious of my thoughts, words and breath. It all matters.

Joe is wonderful to offer key guidance, coaching and skills to propel spiritual growth.
I feel free, healthy, and in control of my destiny thanks to these energetic practices.

I highly recommend a session with Joe.  It is life changing.

Joe Eigo Joe is passionate about healing our planet and aiding the true awakening of humanity. As we move into a new technological era, it is important to retain consciousness while aligning our energy with the abundant source of universal energy at our disposal. Joe can also help you acquire Vogel cut crystal wands and pendants, and help you get these magical crystals that are custom made through his network.

Contact Joe for more information.

Joe Eigo on Instagram Here.   More photos from our incredible healing session together: Vogel-Crystals

Email Joe at or call (416) 571-3840 to find out more or arrange an appointment.
Namaste. May God and the Universe Bless you with happiness and abundance!



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