Get Glowing! How To Have Flawless Skin: The Secret to Clear Skin…

The secret to clear skin is to learn how to manage your skin as it undergoes changes due to aging, stress, and life! Your skin is always changing. These are the best tips I have found for achieving bright, beautiful skin most of the time. No skin is perfect, but you can protect your skin and prevent the chances of skin blemishes by following these tips to  incredible flawless skin. Dr Paula Bourelly agrees:   “Yes, some people win the hereditary lottery when it comes to good skin “Not all skin is created equal,” says Paula Bourelly, MD, a dermatology professor at Georgetown University.

Your skin is always working to purify your body and serves many purposes. Your skin has an incredible connection to what is happening on the inside of you – & this is particularly true about the skin on your face. Skin is a great indicator of underlying health issues. Dr. Oz says “[Skin protects you from] elements. Skin plays a key role in immunity, too, by keeping out potentially infectious microorganisms and fighting infection. It is a sense organ, relaying touch sensations to your brain. It transforms sunlight into vitamin D, and protects your body from excess ultraviolet light. A century ago, scientists thought skin was merely an external barrier, but we now know that skin is a complex organ with many functions,”.

Here are my best secrets to achieve fabulous complexion…

The secret to clear skin is…

Diet is highly important. Excess refined sugar, carbohydrates, and fried fast food can wreak havoc on your skin. Here’s why: If you’ve ever developed a deep, painful pimple anywhere on your forehead, it is said that your digestive system/track may be taxed, upset, or compromised in some way. If your body is having a hard time breaking down refined, fast foods – you will definitely notice this stuff come out in  your skin. For some people eating certain foods trigger hormonal responses. When your body undergoes hormonal responses oil can pool within skin pores, causing major breakouts. Food has a great affect on our bodies. My eating habits are pretty strict (98% of the time):  I am a vegan who starts my day with a VEGA  mango, blueberry, strawberry, spinach smoothie; I shun processed food and buy organic fruits and vegetables. I certainly have my cheat days for chocolate and goodies though… hence the 98%. Apple cider vinegar is an amazing trick to glowing skin. I take one or two table spoons every few days and it keeps my skin extra smooth and youthful.

The secret to clear skin is…

How important it is to take care of your entire body when considering the skin on your face. Remember to sweat it out often; through exercise or a sauna session. Make sure you are physically able to do those types of activities with Dr. approval. Maintaining good overall health translates directly into nice skin. Cigarette smoking is hazardous for your skin (and life!) so it is super smart to never smoke. Ew! Being the healthiest you can be will factor into the quality of your skin. If you get blemishes or re occurring severe acne (cystic kind) related to your cycle it is important to adhere to these tips to keep your skin less prone to hormonal breakouts. Deep blemishes on chin signal a reproductive connection. The pill can definitely help to control this.

The secret to clear skin is …

I certainly have a routine for impeccable skin. Each night without fail I make sure I wash my face well.  With modeling, sometimes I have to wear a lot of makeup- so regularly washing my face feels so clean and refreshing! I try to always get a solid seven or more hours of sleep a night. I also have an excellent skin care regime: I love Proactiv. That stuff really works! I also love Dermalogica products (they truly smell like a day at the spa…). L’Oreal Revitalift is another one of my bedtime faves, along with Vivierskin C & E Peptides. Also, one of the most important skin secrets is always wearing sunscreen. I put sunscreen on even in winter. I never let my face go unprotected in the sun. I gave up tanning beds and I wear a towel on my face with sunscreen on if I tan outside. Protect the skin on your face by using this vital tip often! I use a high SPF 40-60 on my face, always.

The secret to clear skin is…

Consistency is crucial in obtaining the clear skin you want. Be mindful, try not to touch your face, and if something does start to happen on your face it is important to leave it alone and try not to touch. When we wear acrylic or gel nails it is virtually impossible to properly extract any clogged pore, and you run the risk of pushing it deeper into skin. Real nails are much sharper and can accurately target the clogged pore – leave extractions to your esthetician at the spa! Yet another way to be aware of your surroundings is to watch everything that you eat carefully. These are the best tips for maintaining a great glow.




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