Fall in Love with the 2013 Ford Fusion : Theresa Longo Test Drives Advanced Performance & Ecoboost Technology


Recently I had the pleasure of taking a new 2013 Ford Fusion to NYC! The Ford Fusion is most definitely for performance minded drivers. Equipped with a 240-hp AWD 2.0L turbocharged inline-4 Ecoboost Engine; the direct-injection Ecoboost gasoline engine features instantaneous low end torque responsiveness and virtually no turbo lag. Essentially this means I get the most power and efficiency out of the least amount of fuel used. The 4 cylinder engine is paired with a 6-Speed SelectShift Automatic that can be paddle shifted – couple this with intelligent all wheel drive and this car is a dream to drive. The Ford Fusion and I made the trip to NYC on one full tank of gas. This is exceptional fuel economy at it’s finest. Ford Fusion also has Active Grille Shutters allowing you to #GoFurther while maintaining unparalleled fuel economy.

2013-Ford-Fusion-main_rdax_646x396THE 2013 FORD FUSION SE AWD 2.0L ECOBOOST


Allow me to break down my most favorite features of the 2013 Ford Fusion…


The Ford Fusion is exceptionally comfortable and quiet. Soft touch surfaces inside the vehicle provide a luxurious finish and feel. LED lighting and leather trim are stylish.

12 Sony surround sound speakers and commercial-free SIRIUS XM allow me to listen to the hottest music the entire drive from Toronto to NYC. Ford models equipped with factory-installed radios come with 6 months of free SIRIUS XM trial service.
Transform your drive every day! Hands free calls and music allow me to see who is calling, use voice commands to control music or stream internet radio.


When I first stepped into the Ford Fusion it took approximately 3 minutes to bluetooth sync my devices and map out a route from Toronto to NYC. I am beyond impressed with the ability of the navigation system inside the Ford Fusion. Accurate and easy to activate, the Microsoft Sync Technology is a wonderful feature inside the Ford Vehicle line up. GPS Navigation was a breeze to use, and the convenience of having an advanced navigator made me feel like I had my own co-pilot. You are not alone when you’re behind the wheel of a Ford vehicle.

When you close the doors of the Ford Fusion you are treated to a hushed quiet thanks to acoustic underbody shields and sound absorption material. Tune out the outside world when you get behind the wheel of this luxurious Ford vehicle.

One of the features I am most impressed with is lane-keeping technology. I continued to remark to myself how the Ford Fusion “practically drives itself’. It is a completely effortless drive. The lane keeping technology definitely came in handy on my long drive. Simply press the button on the end of the turn signal to activate lane-keeping technology. Sensors along the body of the Fusion detect lanes and power steering is engaged to ensure the driver does not drift out of the lanes. If you begin to cross any lane lines without signalling, the wheel will vibrate to draw your full attention to the road ahead.

Lane Keeping Technology:


Other features I truly love about the Ford Fusion is the blind -spot detectors on each mirror – and also the auto-reminders that the car gives you to ‘take a rest’. The Fusion knows if you are getting tired! After an hour or two of driving if the car notices you may be getting tired and prompts you to take a rest at a rest stop. This safety feature is truly remarkable. The Fusion AWD SE also boasted a rear video view camera, leather trim seats and reverse sensing system.

I give the Ford Fusion 4.5 out of 5 stars for remarkable intelligence, performance, handling, design, and phenomenal fuel economy.
Big thank you to Ford Canada  for allowing me this very exciting opportunity to get behind the wheel of a futuristic new Ford Fusion.


Notable Brands at CPMA 2017 Toronto (Healthy & Vegan!)

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Here are just a few of the many standout brands at CPMA (Canadian Produce Marketing Association) annual trade show in Toronto Ontario 2017. Theresa Longo attends on behalf of Made in Blu! Do you recognize some of these top quality brands?


The Best Brands at CHFA West Vancouver 2017

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Recently Canada’s Best Brand Ambassador Theresa Longo Attended CHFA West with premier Canadian Hemp Superfood company: NATERA. While at the show, Theresa compiled a list of the top vegan, organic brands! These are all the brands that swept her right off her feet…


Kawartha Spring Bridal Show at The Venue Featuring Antoinette Bridal Designer Gowns

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The Kawartha Spring Bridal Show celebrates 7 years of success. What’s Hot in 2017 Wedding Wear? Stunning #Bridal Gowns from international Designers found at Antoinette Bridal Boutique in Peterborough Ontario. The KAWARTHA Spring Bridal Show is held at The Venue. Hailed as the best bridal show in the Kawarthas, created by Canadian actress Theresa Longo.


Going to Canadian Health Food Assoc. Trade Show VANCOUVER with NATERA

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Theresa is off to CHFA West trade show in beautiful Vancouver, Canada! The Canadian Health Food Association is Canada’s largest trade association dedicated to natural health and organic products. All the TOP BRANDS are at the show…

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