Need an extra push to get you fully motivated for summer? Have you been slacking on your summer workout routine and want to get fit fast? Here are my 5 ways to significantly propel your fitness progress in as little as 2 WEEKS. My job requires I stay in top shape year round – allowing me to put this plan to test on a regular basis. I use these tips to further my fitness results fast when preparing for an upcoming event or photo shoot.

Likewise, if you practice these rules to fast fitness –  in the next couple of weeks you will thank me! This plan is difficult. It is not easy. But this fitness plan works and you will see results. In order to see real results you have to be honest with yourself from this moment onward, (especially regarding diet). Approaching and embracing life from a place of confidence, happiness, health and strength, directly relates to the measure of your success.  This fast forwarded fitness plan certainly takes a considerable amount of commitment but it is highly worth it in order to see real results!


Fast Fitness Tip 1. Start Small. It’s easy. Once a day for 45 minutes you will complete this type of workout. The workout is relatively simple. The first 20-25 minutes of every workout is cardio. You can swim, snowboard, bike, run, surf,  or skip rope – but you must do something high impact. The remaining 20 minutes of your workout enables you to choose one specific body part for each day of the week to target. The best part about this plan is that you get total rest days. If you are feeling tired on any day: make it a rest day! If you eat healthy – you can easily afford rest days mixed into your routine.

Day 1. Cardio (20 mins)  | + As many as you can:  Ab Moves –   11 moves, 25 reps: (Wide Leg Situps, Bicycle Fwd & Backward, Fifer Sizers, In & Outs, Vup Roll Ups, Heels to Heavens, L-R Side Crunch)
Day 2. Cardio (20 mins) | Legs – 25 reps: L-R Leg Lunges, My Workout, Squats,
Day 3. Rest
Day 4.Cardio (20 mins) | Arms – Alternate Pushups, Heavy Bag Workout (5  1-minute rounds)
Day 5. Cardio (20 mins) | Stretching & Stability or Yoga
Day 6. Interval Cardio  (4 2=3 minute bursts of energy) | Repeat Abs or Yoga
Day 7. Rest

Fast Fitness Tip 2. Up your water intake. Since you are on a serious mission to shed pounds fast – you will want to drink plenty of replenishing fluid. Drink plenty of fluids like water with drops of lemon or lime. You can also infuse water with cucumber or strawberries and blueberries. Coconut water is especially high in potassium and is perfect for restoring electrolytes. Here is my significant tip to fast forward your fitness: The fluids you must strictly avoid while undertaking this fitness plan are: alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks.  For many people, this step is quite difficult – yet it is totally essential if you want to quickly experience a boost in confidence, happiness and well being.
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Fast Fitness Tip 3. Be especially mindful of diet. Stock up on healthy eats. Cut sugar, carbs, bread, and meats. It is a myth that you cannot be strong and healthy on plant protein alone – I am living proof of this! My diet consists primarily of vegetables, fruit, and plant based proteins.
I do give in to cravings. Remember: If you give in to cravings, you’d better be working out. Pounds creep up easily when you eat and drink whatever you want rationalizing you’ll ‘burn it off later’.
Basically you want to work on levelling out cravings for typical junk food.  It is important to eat first thing in the morning. It is highly important to drink 1L of water immediately upon wakening.

Morning: Blend : Kale, beets, carrots, greens, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana, frozen fruit, flaxseed & Vega W/ Almond or Soy Milk & Water | OR Rice/Beans, Salad, [Eggs Optional] Afternoon: A Vegan Creation! Vegan Tacos, Salads, Fruit, Steamed Vegetables, Low Sugar Gluten Free Protein Bars (Fresh Fish is optional)
Evening:  Quinoa, Raw Vegetables, As Much Fruit as you Like, Tofu, Salad, Roasted Vegetable, Seasoned cooked Lentils, ChickPeas
Read good books! A book similar to this is highly recommended.


Fast Fitness Tip 4. Find ways to build your strength. As you progress in your fitness plan you will want to explore additional activities to keep you busy. Examples are surfing, mountain biking, kayaking, paddle surfing, or boxing. 

Fast Fitness Tip 5. Be mindful. Be dedicated. – It can be tempting to slip back into old ways when you see a hot fudge McDonalds sundae or a Dairy Queen Smores blizzard but if you want to experience my mantra of living life within a place of confidence, happiness, health and strength then you’ve got to try your best. This is a difficult challenge. The secret to making your fitness dreams true is no more obvious than everything explained in this post. Guaranteed: if you practice these 5 simple steps you will see fast fitness results just in time for summer. Give it your best.

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