The 5-Minute Facelift! ALL-Natural TIPS for Healthy, Beautiful Youthful Looking Skin! Absolutely NO surgery!


What is the 5-Minute FACELIFT? It is the ALL-NATURAL way to maintain your youth! This is a NON SURGICAL way to look and feel great!
TRUTH: The way you take care of your body ultimately determines the way you look.
FACT: Eat clean, drink a lot of water, and exercise to retain youthfulness.
Follow these top 6 tips for an all natural facelift! People will wonder how you do it!

AWARENESS and determination are your keys to youthful success…

THE FIVE-MINUTE FACELIFT! – No Surgery! All-Natural!
LOVE YOURSELF enough to know that you are perfect as nature intended.
The ‘5-Minute Facelift’ will enhance your natural beauty…Enjoy!

1. Sleep on your back!

Most of us sleep up to 1 third of our lives! That is a considerable amount of shut eye! Sleep on your back and let gravity smooth your face while you sleep! Your skin remains perfect and you wake up looking – and feeling refreshed!

2. DRINK 3L of Water per day. AT Least!

If you want a gorgeous glow, keep drinking water! If you notice fine lines on your face (especially on your forehead,) it means you are dehydrated. Start hydrating and notice immediate results in as little as half an hour! Drinking water turns back the clock. A lot.

3. Become More Aware of Your Face!

Do you scowl? What does your face look like when you sit at the computer? How about what does it look like when you are looking down at your phone? Do you frown without even trying? These are all signs you must become aware of your face. Practice minimizing scowling, frowning, or forehead scrunching. TIP:  If you are having trouble recognizing your facial movements: While at home, place a piece of clear tape on your brow and you’ll know as soon as you furrow your brow! You will see results in as little as 2-3 days practice.

4. Wear SunScreen (SPF 60)

This tip is crucial. Many times people skip sunscreen. Use 60 SPF on your face to retain youthful skin. Additionally apply C&E Peptide, and/or Rose Hip Seed Oil to your face before you sleep.

 5. What You EAT Directly Determines the Look of Your Face.

Avoid Sugar at all costs if you want to stay looking young. Avoid refined foods, carbohydrates, dairy and red meat. If you have a sweet tooth and want to drastically turn back the time on your face- put down the treats, and watch yourself shed years from your appearance!

 6. Stop the Jolting, Jumping, & Jarring Activities.

Take it from a fitness expert: There  are some exercises you can safely drop from your regular routine. Some argue the health benefits of running outweigh the effects it has on your knees, joints, and face – however, if you want to avoid sagging skin at all costs, try a more gentle activity which requires less continual bounce! Rather than run – simply EAT PROPER. FACT: Eating Less means you get to work out LESS. Try yoga over hitting the pavement daily. Try targeting specific muscle groups and weight training. Treat your face and chest muscles as delicate as you can. You want them to stay in place!  You can do intense cardio in other ways like swimming or the stair machine. The point is to spend time on an activity that spares your face the gravitational pull of consistent jumping.

Theresa provides a summary of the INSTANT 5-Minute Natural Facelift !!!!!  “I eat vegan, drink lots of water, apply sunscreen, practice awareness and quit hitting the pavement (running) – believe me, I still stay in great shape year round. ” <– PROOF
Now you know my 100% NATURAL best kept secrets for becoming absolutely AGELESS. Enjoy your youthful skin!

Do you have more skin secrets? LEAVE  your suggestions/thoughts in the comment section below! 🙂


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